A New Horizon

A New Horizon

Founded in 1994, it is a private company specialized in the sale of anti-static products, currently has the largest and most complete line of electrostatic discharge control products, as well as having an extensive and diverse range of retractable tubes. Its products are of international quality at competitive prices, designed to meet the growing demand over the years.

The HQ of approximately 1600m2 is located in the midwestern region of São Paulo in Barra Funda, near the subway, the Marginal Tiete and important Avenues like Av. Marquês de São Vicente and Av. Rio Branco. It currently maintains a branch in the city of Manaus/ AM in an area of 1000m2 located in the neighborhood of Aleixo, South-Central Zone in the city. Its main goal is to serve more efficiently the industrial center of the region.

With a team of experienced and prepared professionals, New Horizon adds value to its products constantly presenting solutions to its customers, both through telephone contact and providing specialized services such as auditing, consulting and training. With a focus on excellence in service, New Horizon aims to develop its human capital by providing opportunity, direction and professional achievement ensuring the quality of all its products and services based on its international certification ISO9001-2008.

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The principles of New Horizon Management System aim to:

  • Ensure customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services.
  • Continuously improve the performance of our processes through responsible actions of our activities.
  • Promote commitment and development of the workforce on a personal level, professional and teamwork.
  • Respect the environment, health, safety and quality. Attending to legal, regulatory and other requirements related to our activities.
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